Tuesday, January 20, 2009

February Session!

We are so happy to formally announce our February Dr. Sketchy session.

Please note there is a change in venue for February... Our next session is at Hal Sample's SPACE STUDIO at 2814 Main Street in Deep Ellum.

We are super excited to host at Hal's SPACE. There will be plenty of room for sketchers to spread out and take full advantage of drawing Ginger Valentine from every angle.

We are also very excited to bring Red Stripe beer on board as a sponsor. They are very excited to be involved (geez- lots of excitement) in Dr. Sketchy--- and--- well--- we love their beer. Hooray beer! There will be plenty on hand.

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post here on this bloggy thingy, Again and Again vintage resale furniture is also a sponsor- with some great help making our sets more exciting to draw.

.... and and and...
Ginger Valentine will have a special performance for us that you will not want to miss. Hot.

So lets see--- Drinking? yep. Drawing? yes. Dames? of course... Games? Yes totally.

And a bonus: Stick around after the session for some photographs with Ginger Valentine by a real life talented photographer in a real life photography studio. Fo Real.

... ok-- one more thing...

Since I have you here...

Howsabout you get there in plenty of time to take full-on advantage of all there's to take advantage of with our February session? Yes! Awesome!
Session will start at 4pm sharp!



DiabloTexas said...

well aren't you fancy with your sponsors and new locations. I'm excited again.

mark said...

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