Sunday, January 25, 2009

So you wanna be a burlesque superstar?

Our very own February model, Ginger Valentine, also teaches on how to do burlesque!
Sounds like the perfect Valentines gift to me... For yourself- or if you are a guy- for your gal (and in turn- for yourself) :)

From website:
Classic American burlesque is all about humor, tease, glamour and showmanship. So exchange your Blackberry for some opera length gloves, boa and a sassy attitude and master the art of the tease and charm in our new Burlesque Charm School. These are lifestyle specialty classes that go beyond the mechanics of striptease. Discussions on history, culture, costumes and vintage style will inspire you to discover your inner Bombshell, and you’ll gain flexibility, confidence and work towards achieving a lean dancer’s physique.

Learn more here.


cookie said...

Hello! I just found out about this event and am SOO excited!! when are you guys having your next session?

mark said...

I see your blog and it is very attractive for every man