Monday, March 7, 2011

Circus SideShow edition w/Ruca The Tattooed Queen pictures and next show announcement

Our circus sideshow session was so much fun and Ruca did an AMAZING job that we will definitely have her back again soon. There was cotton candy, circus animals (the cookies) and circus peanuts (the hideously orange ones) for everyone. Our attending artists that show up to our sessions have such a beautiful amount of talent that I don't mind saying: it WAS the greatest sketch on earth. You can see the photos on the main branch page or on our Flickr.

Next  month we have the prehistoric princess Flossie Carmichael back from the sketch that time forgot. We may be primitive art monkeys but Flossie will create the fire to ignite your pencils and release your primal instinct to draw, draw, draw.

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