Friday, February 19, 2010

Art Monkey of the Month

At every session we have the models choice winner and we tend to make that the big prize winner of the day. We're going to try to post a little about them every month to show our appreciation of their talents and abilities.

This month it was Ramon Barboza. He has a few pieces at Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum and his story is the perfect beginning to kick this off.

It was such a movie script moment because he actually came to the session because his girlfriend was performing at the Dallas Burlesque festival and he didn't have tickets. Oddly enough that's what we were giving away as the grand prize and magic was in there air because Rose Darling picked his amazing piece with out even knowing his story. Nicholas Sparks couldn't have written it better.

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freelisa said...

Awesome work. Thanks for sharing his story, John.