Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanks to all who made our December session a total and complete success. Good tidings and good cheer all the way around.
Machismo Foghat was adorned in the most fantastic Christmas sweater ever.
The stage was adorned in garlands, Christmas lights, and the saddest tree ever.
Courtney Crave was adorned in... well... not much... but she was adored, for sure.

You won't want to miss our first guy to pose for Dallas Dr. Sketchy: Hansel von Quenzer.
Hansel is Dallas' own Town Crier. Regal. Proper. Loud.
Hansel, with his ornate costuming, is sure to serve up some interesting sparks of creativity for your drawing delight. Please note that since Hansel is a perfect gentleman (I mean, c'mon, he just met us), he will not be stripping down for his poses. Fear not- Miss Ginger Valentine will be on hand to help out in doubling your muse potential (and then some).

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